Nursing Home Abuse

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Your loved one has been placed in a nursing home. For many of our clients, this is their first time dealing with a nursing home. Nursing homes have special rules and regulations that deal specifically with them and their care. You need someone experienced in dealing with nursing homes and nursing home abuse should you find yourself in that situation.

Have you or a Loved One Suffered or Are Still Suffering Nursing Home Abuse.
We are honored to represent those who have suffered abuse in a nursing home. In today’s world, nursing homes yield unchecked power over their patients. We see it as our job to ensure that the nursing home offers you the quality and quantity of care to which the patient is entitled. If you have been injured, you are entitled to recover under the laws of Pennsylvania. We work on nursing home cases everyday. Please allow us the privilege to use those resources to help you.

We Have Extensive Experience Investigating Nursing Home Abuse.
Prosecuting a nursing home abuse case requires strict attention to what the client and his or her family report and the records the nursing home keeps. We work closely with a team of doctors and nurses on our side to build a case against the nursing home.

We Pride Ourselves on Keeping You Informed.
We understand that this may be your first lawsuit and that the process can seem daunting. We make it a top priority to keep you regularly updated on your lawsuit and to inform you of the upcoming steps in your case. We find that the more informed the client, the better witness the client will be for him or herself. If you have suffered abuse at a nursing home, please contact us.

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